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Wirral Dog Owners – How To Keep Your Flooring Clean

If you live in Wirral and have a dog, like many families all over the country you may keep your dog in your house. Many people believe that dogs are members of their family, rather than just pets. However, there is no mistaking the mess that dogs can actually make and the damage that they can cause to your house.

You really do need to think about how you can keep your house is clean as possible despite your canine companion. Here are a few tips to ensuring that areas of your house are kept clean:

1. After taking your dog out in Wirral on long walks in the woods or in wet puddles, the dog is likely to have very dirty paws. Make sure that you clean the dog outside the house before coming in. If you let the dog come straight in, they are likely to bring mud and grit from their paws onto your wooden, parquet or vinyl flooring. This may take a very long time to clean up so try to remove as much of it as possible in the outside. Use an old towel and maybe even a light hose to help remove the stubborn mud from the dog. A dog will love this because it will also feel like playtime!

2. Mop flooring regularly. Make sure that you mop your flooring regularly if you have a dog. This is the case obviously if you have laminate, vinyl or parquet flooring, because the dirt can get around the skirting boards and corners of your rooms. It can also make the floor start to look grubby, especially if paw prints start to form!

3. If you have carpets, you should make sure that you vacuum once a day. This might seem excessive but think about the amount of pet hairs that will get into the carpet if you do not hoover. If you have children, it can be a health hazard for them to be crawling around on the floor where a lot of pet hair has been collecting. It might be bad for their asthma or any other respiratory problems might be encouraged if they are regularly around this kind of environment.

4. If you have rugs, make sure that you shake these out regularly in outside areas.

5. If you find a stain on your carpets or floor, make sure that you treat it as quickly as possible to avoid permanent staining. You might want to ask a wirral flooring specialist or cleaner to come in and analyse the stain to see if they are able to remove it effectively.

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