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Why Choose Amtico Flooring?

Available in an abundance of colours, designs and styles, flooring options don’t come much better than amtico flooring. Made by compressing layers of some of the highest quality vinyl, amtico is an ideal flooring choice for almost any room in your home of office. And this blog post highlights some of the benefits of making it your number one flooring choice:

It’s extremely durable 

Manufactured using a resin and then compressed under intense pressure, amtico flooring is extremely durable. It won’t split, or discolour like other flooring choices would. Making it flooring that will last for years and years, ideal for areas that have a heavy footfall.

It doesn’t react to moisture

As mentioned above, amtico is a great flooring choice for walkways. It is also a great flooring choice for bathrooms, or rooms that are exposed to moisture every now and again. Being such a durable material, things such as humidity and moisture don’t affect it. So if you’re looking for a bathroom flooring with a wooden finish, amtico could be just what you’re after.

It’s easy to clean 

Being a hard wearing flooring option, amtico is incredibly easy to clean. It is also stain resistant, so prefect for rooms where there might be spillages. All it needs is a once over with a mop and bucket sporadically.

It’s versatile 

Whatever finish you’re after, whichever colour or design, amtico flooring comes in a vast range of options to suit your needs or requirements. It is also a flooring choice that is regularly updated to keep up with the ever changing customer preferences.

Interested in hearing more about amtico flooring? Get in touch with the team here at Wilmac today. As well as amtico flooring, we have over 180 flooring products to choose from, with even the flexibility to create bespoke designs to help you find the flooring choice your home or business deserves.

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