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Best flooring for bathrooms

Which is the best flooring choice for a bathroom?

The bathroom can be the last room you do when your refurbishing your home, mainly because it’s probably the smallest room you have. When considering your flooring options, you’ll ideally be searching for something that’s easy to clean, is practical, yet looks nice too. And here, we’ve outlined some of the best flooring options for your bathroom:


Maybe not the first option that springs to mind when you think of your bathroom, but hear us out. Whilst the run of the mill carpet won’t bode well for your bathroom, there are carpets specially designed to handle splashes in the bathroom. These have a waterproof backing which means you can step onto the soft carpet material after a shower, without having to worry about water splashes ruining the floor.


One of the most popular choices for flooring in your bathroom – vinyl is a practical and durable solution. Not only is it hard wearing and slip resistant, it is comfortable too! Not to mention, it’s a brilliant insulator, which will help keep your bathroom warm in the winter months.

Wet room flooring

Arguably the crème de la crème of bathroom flooring. The clue is in the name with this one, it was made to handle the splashes and droplets of water that come in the bathroom. Not only this, it can also looks incredibly stylish too!

Engineered Wood

Considered one of the higher end options available. Engineered wood has the ability to transform most rooms from being dull to elegant. And whilst it looks lovely, due to it being made from real wood – over time, the exposure to water has the potential to damage the flooring. So we might not recommend this one for your bathroom.


One of the most durable flooring choices on the market. Not only is karndean built to withstand heavy traffic, it easily shows that durability doesn’t have to compromise design, looking sleek and stylish in all colours. If you’re interested in changing up your bathroom flooring, get in touch with the team here at Wilmac today.

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