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Top 2020 commercial flooring trends

As we’re now well into 2020, it’s clear to see which are the top commercial flooring trends that businesses are opting for compared to previous years. With styles and designs changing constantly, it’s important to stay on top of what’s popular and how different flooring types can help boost your business. Believe it or not, your commercial flooring choice really can have a huge impact.

Increase in carpet use for singular offices

Carpet has always been a popular choice for office spaces due to its ability to create a warm environment. And its popularity has increased over the last 18 months. Not only can carpet create a warm environment, but it helps absorb sound. Which is great if you’re looking for a quieter space to work for maximum concentration.

Additionally, if you have a workspace that people walk around a lot in, then carpet is an ideal choice, as it’s easy to move around the office on.

Polished concrete floors

As there has been an increase in the uptake of carpet in commercial spaces. Polished concrete floors have also seen an uplift, particularly in areas that have a high footfall.

Being such a durable material, it doesn’t wear out and requires significantly less maintenance. Which is great for areas that people are constantly moving around. 

Not only this, but concrete flooring is slowly becoming the flooring choice for a lot of commercial buildings due to its aesthetically pleasing look.

Natural stone has taken a hit

In an office, or any other workplace for that matter, you’re going to look for flooring choices that take little to no maintenance at all. And this is why natural stone such as marble and granite have decreased in popularity over the last year. 

Once the go to options for entrance ways and walkways, whilst they can look amazing, they’re often initially expensive and take a significant amount of maintenance to keep them looking their best.

Luxury vinyl tile (LVT)

Giving your workspace a ‘less commercial’ look, LVT makes you feel right at home wherever you are. LVT can transform almost any room to make it appear more relaxed and create a more comfortable atmosphere. And for this reason it has increased in popularity for businesses.

Often a hard wearing choice, it is important that any spills are cleaned up quickly as it’s not uncommon for there to be marks or stains left by particularly strong spillages.

If you’re looking to change the flooring in your workspace to accommodate some of the latest industry trends, get in touch today. We’re available to advise on the ideal flooring choice for your business to meet your requirements and your budget.

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