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Tips to protect your floors during the winter months

With the winter weather at its height around this time of year, the rain, mud and sometimes snow can take its toll on the floors within our home. Especially if you have carpet or wooden floors. 

And with people and pets traipsing across them at multiple times throughout the day. It’s important to keep your floors in top shape, so you don’t have to replace them every 6 months. With this in mind, here’s our tips to protect your floor in winter:

Put down rugs and mats



If you have wooden floors, things such as water, moisture and dirt can cause real headaches when it comes to keeping your floor in perfect condition. 

Laying down rugs and mats in some of the key walkways can be an easy way to prevent damage to floors. These will help trap the moisture and mud that comes from muddy shoes or paws, stopping them landing on your floor.

Also, it can also make rooms cosier and warmer, keeping the harsh temperatures out. 

Keep the right cleaning products in your house



Whilst this may seem obvious, not all households keep the right products stocked in their cupboards to maintain their flooring. Invest in a strong floor cleaner that can be used across different surfaces. Having one allows you to keep floors clean and looking spotless in between deep cleans.

Sweep up and mop more frequently



The extra mud and salt from snow that is brought in from the outside has the potential to scratch and damage your floors. Sweeping more often than you usually would helps prevent this.

Also, make sure any water splashes are wiped or mopped as soon as possible. The longer you leave these, the more damage they can do to your hardwood floors.

Do a deep clean



With a constant build up of mud, dirt and whatever else on your floor surfaces. Getting your floors deep cleaned either by a professional or yourself can be just what’s needed to prolong the look and health of your floor.

If you have a carpet, buying a carpet shampoo can be really effective in removing any stains that you may see.

Polish regularly 



A good polish when the winter season comes to an end can help remove any scratches or scuffs that have developed over the period. This can be done easily by a polish from the supermarket.

By sticking to the above tips, you can make sure your floor maintains its look and feel easily. If you’d like any more info on looking after different floor types, get in touch with the team at Wilmac today.

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