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The world of carpets is changing, for the better?

Carpets throughout the past hundred years or so have been the most popular way to decorate floors in the UK, with people choosing carpet over laminate floors and tiles. However there have always been issues with using carpets in areas of high traffic and where spills and stains are a problem.

This is set to change with new types of carpet emerging which are much better suited to the wear and tear of modern households. Something which is becoming a permanent fixture are waterproof carpets which are protected from stains by letting the liquid seep through them to reach the bottom. Naturally this can damage floors over time but it is extremely handy to have in especially children rooms, kitchens and dining rooms.

But functionality isn’t the only way this has changed, everyone knows about the brown and grey carpets which have been the classic way British homes have decorated their floors. This is starting to change, with TV programmes dedicated to house makeovers a lot of people are hoping to give their residence the wow factor. This has been achieved in many places with plaid carpets, why have it on a shirt when you can have it on your floor? They are very nice to look at and if you are able to put the right furniture around them you can absolutely dazzle any guests.

Another type of carpet which has been growing in popularity is animal print carpet. This is perfect for anyone with multiple pets as the carpets are normally very colourful with dark spots indicating paws and if your pet leaves paw prints then you might even get away with it. This is more of a style choice, rather than one focused on the optimal practical experience, and would be a perfect for a living room carpet or even in the hallway.

Aside from a carpet being waterproof, the other way a carpet can be functional is to make it as durable as possible. Here at Wilmac we have a range of carpet tiles, which have been used in office spaces and gyms to reduce the amount of tearing that happens when many people pass through them. In order for a carpet to be durable it needs to have strong fibres which don’t tear when stepped on or put under pressure. This is why they are perfect for gyms, but there is no reason why you can’t use them in your home. And the beauty is that if one tile gets damaged, you can just replace it with a spare one.

The rise of new media and the internet has created a space where people are sharing makeovers, new houses and reworked office spaces. Many companies have been created just to capitalise on this, and with these trends propping up all over the world, it can feel like you’re being left behind. There are many options that you can explore on our site should you be considering a makeover soon. Whether it’s carpets or laminate flooring you can explore all the options here before you start your new housing adventure.

Finally, the answer to the question is a resounding yes. Having more options is never a bad thing, with more carpets and types appearing throughout the years there has never been a better time to decorate your home and make it feel truly your own. We hope that eventually you will be able to have fully heated carpets without the need for supplementary heating mats or have floor heating of some kind. Will carpets stay a constant fixture in housing and office spaces? The answer to that remains to be seen however we are certainly ready to lay down some carpet on your floors. Contact us for more information, and to get your bespoke flooring today.

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