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The Best Flooring For Your Sensory Room

Choosing the right floor for your sensory room isn’t an easy task. You’ll want a surface that’s comfortable, safe, stimulating, and most importantly, fun. To get you started on your sensory room design, we’ve created this helpful guide on the best flooring types to give you a good idea of which surface to opt for.

What Is A Sensory Room? 

A sensory room is a specially designed space which helps develop and engage an individual’s senses. It can be used as therapy for children with sensory issues or limited communication skills, encouraging them to explore different lights, colours, sounds, and smells in a safe environment.

How To Make A Sensory Room

Sensory rooms typically include features such as textured walls, optic lighting, a toy box, beanbags, and lava lamps. But before you start buying your sensory room equipment, it’s best to choose and install a suitable flooring first. This gives you a strong foundation to build a safe space around. 

The Best Flooring For Sensory Rooms 

Though your sensory room flooring should be exciting and colourful, it needs to be as safe as possible to avoid any explorers getting hurt. The following recommended surfaces are both soft and durable to help cushion any falls. 

Foam and Carpet Tiles

Foam tiles come in a variety of fun shapes and patterns, ranging from colourful puzzle pieces to giant letters of the alphabet. Not only are they ideal for learning and play time, they’re incredibly lightweight and portable, meaning you can pull the surface up and move it elsewhere when needed. 

On the other hand, it’s really easy to create a unique design or colour scheme with carpet tiles. Each square can be dyed differently to the next to make a new pattern for the sensory room’s occupants to interact with. As this type of flooring is fitted by slotting the individual squares into place, restoration is simple and cost-effective; if one were to be damaged, it would only require one replacement carpet tile to fix the problem. 

Rubber Flooring Tiles

Rubber flooring is long-lasting, absorbs impact, and really easy to clean, making it the perfect option for your new sensory room. Rubber flooring tiles also come in a variety of thicknesses which can be cut to fit the size of your space, all of which are highly slip-resistant. 

Vinyl Floor Tiles 

Vinyl flooring is more for aesthetics than it is safety, making it a great choice for brightening up small sections of the room. Peel and stick vinyl tiles come in a variety of colours and patterns, allowing you to create a fun design or pathway to help children develop their motor skills. 


Once you’ve chosen your base flooring, it’s a good idea to look out for several playmats or gymnastic mats to put in place for activities. These bold, bright blocks of foam allow children to play and run around without the worry of them hurting themselves if they happen to trip. 

Area Rugs 

Cars, princesses, animals, numbers, the alphabet… kids’ play rugs are fantastic learning and development accessories. These soft and colourful mats offer new textures for children to explore, are easy to clean, and can be quickly stored away to make room for other activities. 

If you’re looking for a suitable flooring for your sensory room, we can help. Get in touch with an experienced team member on 01244 682100 or contact us here.

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