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Should I Choose Carpet or Wood Flooring?

Choosing between wood and carpet flooring depends on many different points.

Wood Flooring:

Wood flooring is a classic look that looks good in larger spaces as well as smaller ones. In fact, wooden floor goes well with many different shapes and sizes of room and can make a room look bigger. The classic and timeless appeal that wooden flooring can offer means that it was last for many years to come, unlike some carpet floors which can fray and look unkempt over time.

Wooden flooring can be more expensive, which can sometimes put people off. However, you should view the flooring as an investment. In fact, wooden flooring can add value to a property.

Wooden flooring is wipe clean but not entirely waterproof, so water damage might occur if a larger spillage or leak takes place.

You can fit wooden floors in all sorts of patterns and colours, meaning there are a lot of options for you to match your current decor and furniture items.

Wooden flooring can also sometimes be fitted with under-floor heating, giving an even coverage of heat in a room which works more efficiently than radiators.

Carpet Flooring:

Many people choose carpet as it is recognised as a cheaper option for many rooms. You can buy short thread, longer haired or hard carpets ideal for a range of rooms.

There are hundreds of different types of carpets available, so you can choose one that fits your style and decor. The only problem is that carpets can out date quickly, so you might want to choose a plainer style if you expect to change your room decoration soon.

Carpet is not always ideal if you have pets, as the hair can continuously get trapped in the fibres and will need to be hovered every day. This compares to wooden flooring, which would only need a quick sweep daily.

Carpet can be fitted yourself but it is recommended that you get a professional carpet fitter to do this for you. This will allow you to be sure that all fiddly bits have been covered, such as round radiator pipes and so on.

Carpet can be ideal for stairways, and some people also like to fit carpet in hallways to retain the heat of the room.

A resident in Wirral said “I decided it was about time I got my flooring replaced but after having years of carpet flooring I was wondering if to have a wood floor installed. After looking for flooring wirral companies on the internet I found Wilmac Flooring. They talked me through the pros and cons of having a carpet and wood floor and were really helpful. I am really happy with my new wood floor as it is easy to clean and gives my house a more modern and clean image”.

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