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Is Your Kitchen Ready For a New Floor? Here’s The Solution…

Used as a space for cooking, parties, family meetings, a walkway to other rooms, your kitchen is probably the most utilised room in your whole house. After years of use, various spillages, dropped plates and people coming and going, it might be starting to show its age and it could be time to ditch your current flooring to make way for something to freshen up the space.

And there’s an abundance of quality, stylish options to choose from:


A lot of the time, people might be reluctant to choose wooden flooring for their kitchen as it’s quite prone to picking up knicks, scratches and stains. Laminate, on the other hand, gives you the look and feel of real wood, whilst being easy to clean and maintain. 

It’s also incredibly durable, so whether it’s foot prints, paw prints or spillages, laminate can handle whatever’s thrown at it. 


Similar to laminate, vinyl flooring imitates other flooring types. Ideal for the busiest of family homes, vinyl is a waterproof, low maintenance, practical, stylish, and above all, affordable kitchen flooring choice. 

Solid Wood

Ideal for those that want that truly authentic look, solid wood flooring oozes quality and elegance. Engineered from a single piece of wood, solid wood flooring is highly customisable, enabling you to choose from different species of wood and different stains and finishes. A superb choice.

Engineered Wood

Engineered wood flooring provides the elegance of a solid wood flooring, but due to their layered construction provide stability and durability.

If your kitchen has a lot of natural light coming into it, it will likely face a variety of different temperatures and engineered wood’s durability when facing these temperatures is much better than real wood.

Choosing your new kitchen flooring is something that can’t be taken lightly, there’s a lot of considerations to take in, such as, do you have any pets? Do you host guests in your kitchen? And of course, how big is your budget? Your kitchen is a room which you use considerably more than most rooms so ultimately your decision is one you’ll have to live with for a while.

If you’re keen to hear more about the flooring options above for your kitchen, or any others, please get in touch today!

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