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If Central Perk Were To Renovate, This Is The Flooring We’d Recommend

Even if you aren’t a huge fan of the TV show Friends, everybody recognises the famous Central Perk. With the iconic orange sofa, patterned stools, and of course, Phoebe’s questionable singing, it’s easy to see why the characters loved hanging out at this quirky coffee house. 

But what if the owners of Central Perk decided to renovate? Set in the 90’s, they’d probably want to freshen up their interior in order to keep up with the changing style of other New York coffee shops. 

And we’d love to help. As industry experts, this is the type of flooring we’d recommend to keep people coming through Central Perk’s doors. 

Luxury Vinyl Tile

Though the Central Perk owners might be tempted by real wood, this type of flooring really doesn’t work well in a coffee shop environment. It scratches easily, is difficult to install, and is highly absorbent, which doesn’t bode well for a place that encounters many spillages a day. On the other hand, luxury vinyl tile looks just like wood, but is much cheaper, sturdier, and easier to clean than the real thing. We’ve found many cafes and restaurants are opting for LVT recently, so it’s definitely worth Central Perk following suit. 


Because laminate flooring is made up of four layers, from the backing sheet to the resin coating, it’s an incredibly durable option for Central Perk. Laminate is natural looking, comfortable to walk on, and produces less noise than real wood. And if Central Perk were to become dog-friendly, its scratch-resistant surface makes it the perfect flooring for pets to join their coffee-loving family on their outing. 

Porcelain Tile

Porcelain tiles come in a vast selection of shapes, colours, styles, designs, and textures, meaning Central Perk could completely transform their interior with a stunning pattern choice. Not only is this flooring option aesthetically pleasing, it’s easy to clean, scratch-resistant, cost effective, and helps keep buildings cooler in the summer.


Carpet probably doesn’t seem like the most suitable option for a coffee shop, but it can work in places away from the food and drink. For example, Central Perk could welcome their guests with carpet in the foyer. Or instead of the large rugs they have throughout the dining area, they could swap them for vinyl, laminate, or ceramic tile and only install carpet in a designated kids corner or a small stage for Phoebe’s performances. 

Have your own coffee shop and would like new flooring? We have plenty of experience in commercial projects to help transform your business. Take a look at our portfolio here and get in touch with your requirements. One of the team will get back to you as soon as possible to arrange a professional fitting.

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