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How You Can Make A Small Space Feel Larger

How You Can Make A Small Space Feel Larger

Smaller rooms in the home can make for great spaces, however they often end up getting neglected. Before long clutter can build up and that little room can become impractical and turn into a place of stress if you don’t manage it effectively.

Thankfully, there are few simple ways you can turn a small space into something that looks and feels much larger…

Make use of colours

Adding a lick of paint to the room can work wonders for adding the illusions of a more spacious environment. Using lighter colours, combined with neutral toned furniture can really create a feeling that the space has gotten bigger. Don’t be afraid to use bright, bold colours if you’re a fan of these, add some colourful scatter cushions and picture frames too.

Choose the right furniture

It’s important to pick the right furniture for the room, and leave out anything you don’t really need in there. Steer clear of big bulky furniture and instead get pieces that are raised off the floor, and that also have thinner more visible legs. These pieces will help to make it feel like there’s more floor space to spare in the room.

Larger pieces of furniture aren’t necessarily a bad idea for a small room either. As something like a big sofa can be much more effective than opting to have multiple smaller pieces in the space. One larger piece will de-clutter the room and make it feel a lot less claustrophobic. Hanging shelves are also a good idea, to draw the eyes upwards and create the illusion that the ceiling is much higher.

Think about flooring

Certain domestic flooring design options can really make a space feel like it’s been opened up, such as stripes which help to elongate a space. Sure you could perhaps achieve the desired effect with a striped rug. However, flooring will be much more effective, especially when you combine a striped pattern with light, bold colours to add to the spacious feeling. White or black colouring for flooring can particularly make a small room look bigger.

Use some hidden storage

The worst enemy of a smaller room is the build up of clutter. Thankfully there are ways you can make use of clever storage options to get rid of the clutter. From foot stools that can open up to coffee tables that are hollowed out for hidden storage, there’s an abundance of options to secretly hide away clutter.

We’ve got many options to help any space feel bigger, more spacious and less claustrophobic, check out our range of products here – and get in touch with the team here at Wilmac today for more information. 

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