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How To Clean Your Flooring Before The End Of Tenancy

Whether you’re in student housing or a city-centre apartment, making sure your flooring is clean and in great condition before the end of your tenancy is one of the biggest tasks of renting life. If you can’t afford or would prefer not to hire someone for an end of tenancy clean, here’s some of our top tips to get your flooring looking as good as new before your lease is up.

Check behind and under appliances

No matter your flooring type, a lot of dust can gather behind and under appliances such as your fridge, microwave, and bed. Though it seems like an obvious first step, these areas are easily missed when you’re busy deep cleaning the rest of the apartment. Avoid having anything docked from your deposit by double checking the hard-to-reach corners and hidden spots before you hand your keys over to the landlord.

Work from the top down

Before starting on your flooring, it’s best to clean the rest of the apartment first so that you’re not creating more mess for yourself in the process. Start with the corners of your ceiling, then appliances and countertops, empty any cupboards and give them a good wipe down, dust your skirting boards…then you can start thinking about cleaning up your floor.

Tips for end of tenancy carpet clean

It might sound odd, but a shower screen squeegee is one of the best tools for cleaning your carpet at the end of your tenancy. It’s great for pulling up any hair and dust from the edge of the carpet, bringing it into a pile in the middle that you can quickly gather and place in the bin. It works especially well on stairs where it’s difficult for a hoover to really reach into the corners. 

Wear slippers or socks to avoid trampling through any more dirt and give your carpet a thorough vacuum. If this doesn’t seem to be making much difference, borrow a more powerful hoover from somebody else or consider hiring a steam cleaner for more effective results. 

If you spot any stubborn stains, you should really try your best to remove them to avoid losing some of your deposit. There’s some fantastic stain removers available in high-street shops – just make sure you aren’t using anything full of chemicals as you don’t want to cause further damage.

Tips for end of tenancy laminate clean

Just like with carpets, you’ll need to wear slippers or socks so that you’re not making the task of cleaning your laminate flooring any harder than it needs to be. Vacuum the entire surface before grabbing your mop and a bucket full of hot soapy water and bleach. You’ll know it’s spotless when you’re able to place a damp towel on the floor and it comes up clean. 

End of tenancy cleaning

If you’d like any more advice for your end of tenancy clean, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Wilmac Flooring. We can provide the best tips for cleaning any stubborn spots so that you get your deposit back in full. And if you’re a landlord looking to replace the flooring in one of your properties, we can help you find the perfect fit. Just call 01244 682100 or email [email protected]

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