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How To Clean And Maintain Hardwood Flooring

Cleaning hardwood flooring (e.g. parquet flooring) is important, because you want to maintain it so that it lasts as long as possible in your home. After the initial investment, hardwood floor will appear bright and attractive in your home. However, the constant wear and tear of everyday life (and if you have pets or children especially) might mean that your hardwood flooring starts to look dull or slightly grimy.

Here are some tips to ensuring that your floor stays as fresh and as attractive as possible for as long as possible:

1. Understand the finish that the floor has. Your wooden floor may have one of many different finishes, so the way that you clean your floor really does depend on the surface sealed finish which it has received. It will make the job so much easier if you understand what protective layer is over the top of the floor. Ask your supplier if you do not know.

2. Use cleaners that are right for your floor type. After you have figured out what kind of finish the floor has, you should only use cleaning products that are suitable for the floor. For example, if the floor is water resistant, then it’s okay to use a mop with soap and water to clean floors. However, not all hardwood floors are waterproof, so in this case you might just have to sweep with a broom or use special products for oil treated floors.

3. In most cases, avoid excessive water. Although some floors come with water resistance, most hardwood floors do not and so you should avoid using water on the floors unless you are specifically sure that the wooden floor is suitable for this kind of clean. The problem with many wooden floors is that they are able to absorb water, making the floor swell and expand which can then cause it to crack. The wood will warp and splinter and this is going to be a bigger cost to you in the long run. You should really make sure you understand the water resistance of your floor before using water on it.

4. Sweep regularly. Sweeping the floor will remove dust and dirt, and the soft bristles will clean your floors without scratching the services. You can also use a vacuum cleaner on your floors to get rid of dirt in hard to reach places.

5. Buff your floors. Do not be afraid to buff your floors as it can make them look a lot brighter. Make sure you get the right kind of buffer and solution for the job.


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