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How to choose right floor baby room

How To Choose The Right Flooring For A Baby Room

Picking the right flooring for your home is important, especially when you take into consideration a specific room. If there’s a baby on the way then surface material will play a big role in the life of your little one. Babies and toddlers crawl around on the floor, so you’ll want to make sure they have a comfortable environment. We’ve put together a guide to help you decide on the most suitable flooring for a baby room.

Wood flooring

Wood is a popular choice for a child’s room because the floor can be easy to clean and maintain. The best kind of wood is non-toxic, so a baby wouldn’t be in any danger of crawling around. However, it may be uncomfortable and the wood could end up leaving scratches. If you do opt for a wooden floor, it’s better to research the different types of material.

Carpet flooring

A carpet based floor is a comfortable option for a baby, as they’d be able to play without getting hurt. But remember that dust is likely to gather quickly, which could be bad for a child’s health. The carpet would also need to be washed regularly to maintain a hygienic environment.

A better choice would be carpet tiles because they are easier to maintain than a standard carpet. But you’d still have the softness that would be ideal for small children.

Laminate flooring

You could opt for a laminate floor because of the variety of advantages that come with it. Laminate flooring is easy to install, decorative and scratch resistant. A toddler would be able to crawl on it without getting hurt and if they were to fall over then the laminate would be less impactful than other surfaces.

We have a wide selection of laminate flooring that’s ideal for home owners with children.

Rubber flooring

Rubber flooring is one of the best options for toddlers because of the softness. The material is colourful, easy to maintain and scratch proof, ensuring your child will be able to play in a safe environment.

At Wilmac Flooring, we offer an expansive range of flooring products designed with the safety of your child in mind. For more information get in touch on 01244 682100.

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