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The Hazards of a Wet Floor

Many people will know and recognise the symbol for a wet floor, often seen on hazard signs in supermarkets after the floor has been cleaned. There are some serious consequences that can arise from incorrectly displaying, or not displaying at all, wet floor signs to the public.

If you own a business, it is very important that you mark any wet floor areas with a hazard sign. If you do not do this, you may be taken to court if somebody trips and injures themselves on the floor. It is therefore best to clean any floors when the store or office is closed, so that you are able to properly clean the floors without any hazards of slippage.

At home, wet floors are also hazard. If you have small children, they can easily slip on a wet surface and hurt themselves. There are many solutions to this – one popular item that you might choose to purchase is a steam mop, which allows you to quickly and seamlessly clean the floor using hot steam. Because it is only steam that is cleaning the floors, it will quickly dry and become ready to walk on again. This is very appropriate for floors such as laminate and wooden surfaces, and floors will end up looking as good as new. Vinyl floors can also be treated with this a steam mop.

To prevent these instances from occurring completely, there are procedures that can be taken. There is the option to have safety flooring installed within the workplace or home that can reduce slips and falls which often lead to injuries.

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