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5 Amazingly Creative Floor Designs

Flooring is a significant part of interior design, and there are now many ways you can step out the box to introduce a stylish twist in your home. Quirky flooring can bring your home to life, so it’s a brilliant excuse to explore your creativity. To gain a little inspiration, have a look at these five creative examples below, and they could help you produce a great idea for your next project.

1. Penny Flooring

This doesn’t just look incredible, but it could be a cheaper alternative to installing a tiled bathroom floor. By using one pence coins, the darkened shades of copper give it a multi-dimensional shimmer. This design is without a doubt a unique choice for people who want something a little out of the ordinary. Using smaller coins is the better option to limit the buildup of dirt between spaces. If you wanted to, you could alter this design by using five pence coins, which would give a beautiful metallic silver shine to a bathroom. It might take a while to complete this, but the finished will be outstanding. This flooring would look beautiful with a copper freestanding bath to bring together the rustically warm effect.

creative floor ideas

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2. Scrabble Flooring

If you’re a wordsmith, this is the flooring for you. This design utilises wooden flooring because it’s not only perfectly pieced together, but it offers a whimsical experience every time you visit. If you wanted to boost your creativity, you could even hide family members names, book titles or meaningful words within the tiles for people to spot. You could alternate this style with darker wood and lighter letters depending on your taste. As a brighter alternative, you could choose coloured squares to bring together this quirky design that could be used in a separate bathroom for children.

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3. Printed Flooring

We’re big fans of printed flooring because it allows you to be as flexible as you like when it comes to materials. We love this trendy triangular geometric stick on print because it gives a light wooden flooring a stylish addition that brings an entirely new look to the room. You could even choose a variety of colours, which could work really well with other wood shades. If you want to install a white wooden flooring, you could try out neon or pastel triangles to inject some colour with little effort. Geometrical prints have been a huge trend for the past couple of years and it’s one that is set to stay in 2016, so perhaps it’s a good non-permanent option to try out.

creative printed floor

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4. Contrasting Flooring

If you have two visions for your flooring design but you aren’t able to decide on just one, a combination of materials could be the ticket. This gorgeous wooden flooring contrasted with hexagonal marble tiling works incredibly well together. Whether you want this to stand out or to be something subtle, you could choose your colour scheme accordingly to bring something very unique to a home. In 2015, a huge interior design trend was to bring modern and industrial styles together to create something very stylish, so we think this flooring is a brilliant way to incorporate it into a living space.

creative contrasting floor

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5. Multiple Shades

Using different shades of wood to create a contrasting floor is a beautiful way to involve subtle colour into a room. Many people can find it difficult to match furnishings to a flooring, however, with this multiple shade floor, you can mix and match. We love the contrast between light and dark woods that fit together. This type of design could suit many different tastes and offer a stylish alternative to ordinary wooden floor fittings.

creative contrast floor

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