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Choosing The Right Office Flooring

Choosing the right kind of flooring for your commercial premises can make a huge difference to your workplace. But with so many different options out there it can be hard to know where to start. Do you need something that is hard wearing and easily cleaned? Or would you prefer a material which reduces noise from foot traffic?

There are plenty of questions which need to be asked before you choose which flooring material is right for you. So we at Wilmac Flooring have compiled a list of the most common commercial flooring materials out there, and what you need to know about each one before choosing.

Carpet Tiles

If you prefer a less formal feel to your office flooring, yet wish to retain a level of professionalism within the decor of your premises, carpet tiles are a happy medium suitable for most office types. Their insulating nature can help reduce energy costs in your building, whilst also giving off a sense of quality due to their soft underfoot feel. Carpet tiles are not recommended for high-traffic areas, but if your employees mostly operate from desks or cubicles then it may be worth looking at. Even if the tiles become worn out they are easily replaced, and the varied style and colour of tiles available offers the ability to customise the aesthetic of your workspace.

Vinyl Flooring

Areas with heavy foot traffic are usually best covered in a vinyl flooring surface, as its durable and resilient nature means far less maintenance will be required. Scratches and dents usually only occur on vinyl flooring with heavy trauma, so it makes a great surface for corridors and open areas where trolleys and carts are used to deliver office supplies. A combination of vinyl and carpet tiles is commonly found in many offices, but make sure you have carefully considered which areas your employees use to travel to and from their desks.

Solid Wood Flooring

If you’re looking to make an impact with clients and customers, solid wood flooring adds a touch of class to any working environment. A quality, solid wooden floor is extremely hardwearing and suitable for many different types of foot traffic. Unfortunately they will require quite a bit of care if you want to maintain their pristine finish, and you should try to avoid exposing a wooden floor to excessive moisture, but most damage can be repaired easily by re-sanding and applying a varnish or wax coat. One consideration you should make before choosing a wooden floor is the impact of noise. A solid wooden floor can be a noisy surface to walk on, especially if creaks are present. This noise can be mitigated by using an insulating underlay, which also adds extra energy efficiency to the surface.

Laminate Flooring

If you want to achieve the look of luxury without the price and maintenance issues of a wooden floor, laminate flooring offers a fantastic option and is suitable for most office environments. The durability of laminate flooring makes it a popular choice for many offices; and some styles of laminate surface can be sealed with wax for an even more luxurious feel. The addition of wax also adds to the durability of laminate floors, making for a much more resilient surface.

Raised Access Flooring

An important consideration of any flooring material is the impact of any future changes to your office’s technical and logistical requirements. With new technological upgrades almost an annual occurrence in some industries, raised access flooring allows for minimal disruption when cabling and other electrical systems need to be replaced. Modular floor panels are installed onto a horizontal grid of supporting pedestals, and these panels can be removed and altered whenever necessary. Capable of being finished in bare or carpet materials, raised access flooring allows you alter the appearance and functionality of your flooring in a simple and efficient manner.

If you’d like for information on the right flooring for your commercial space in the North Wales area, don’t hesitate to call Wilmac on 01244 682 100.

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