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The Carpet Tile Trend: Why Carpet Tiles Should Be Used at Home and in the Office

For many people carpet tiles will be forever associated with school classrooms or the office, but did you know an increasing number of people are also beginning to use tiled carpeting in the home too? Let’s try and understand why that is, as we list some of the benefits of using carpet tiles in domestic and commercial settings.


1.) Easy to install – with a tiled carpet there’s no need to remove every stick of furniture from the room beforehand, as you can simply lay down one section of flooring and move the furniture when you’re done.

2.) Simple to transport – carpet tiles are typically flat packed in square boxes, boxes which can be transported by hand or en masse via pallet trucks. That sounds far easier than moving a huge roll of carpet up the stairs!

3.) Organisation – using carpet tiles in your office allows you to designate specific work areas and walkways through the building, helping both employees and visitors find their way around with ease.

4.) Design flexibility – whether you prefer a single block colour, a chessboard design or a mishmash of hues, tiled carpets allow for a customised approach to designing your home or office aesthetic.

carpet tiles

5.) Easy to maintain – carpet tiles can be cleaned just like any other carpet, and what’s more is that you can replace individual areas worn by stains or high-traffic without having to remove the entire carpet.

6.) They’re durable – modern carpet tiles have been designed to withstand heavier foot-traffic than a rolled carpet, and many also come with enhanced stain resistance properties.

7.) They work anywhere – carpet tiles can be installed over many different floor types, including concrete garage floors and wooden decks, without the heavy renovation required to prepare for other types of flooring.

8.) They fit everywhere – whether you’ve got an oddly shaped room or a set of stairs you need to carpet cheaply and effectively, carpet tiles can be used to cover even the most intricate flooring layout.

9.) They’re reusable – when moving house nobody takes their carpet with them, but if you’ve recently installed carpet tiles and you don’t want to leave them behind, tiled carpets are easily boxed up and can be re-laid to fit your new brand new home.

10.) Tiles are eco-friendly – today’s carpet tiles are mostly comprised of recycled materials, and they also require a significantly smaller number and amount of materials to create in the first place.

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