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Breaking Down The Different Flooring Installation Methods

When choosing your new flooring, it’s also important to really consider the type of installation method it recommends. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking to install new flooring yourself or whether you’re hiring professionals, having a good idea of the installation methods can be greatly beneficial when it comes to choosing the floor that’s best suited to your project.

So, let’s quickly break them down for you right here…

Joining Method

The joining method is the first thing you should look into, as this is how the planks are fitted together, and locked into place when the flooring is being installed. Most of the flooring products available will have either a click system or tongue and groove joining system. These are commonly available with a range of flooring installation methods.

Click system

This system has very much revolutionised flooring installation methods over the years. It works by allowing each plank to be specially designed so that they seamlessly fit together, quickly and securely. The planks can be clicked or locked into place by snapping them together with a single easy movement.

Tongue and groove

This method essentially involves joining together planks strongly in order to form a single, flat surface. To achieve this, one side of the board has a protruding edge while the other has a rebated edge. These then can be fitted together securely and seamlessly to create the single flooring surface.

Installation Methods


This method is one of the most common and quickest forms of installation when it comes to flooring. A professional can simply connect the planks together with adhesive applied to the groove of each plank. 

The planks can then be placed on top of an underlay, which along with the joining method creates a strong and stable floor. Also, when using this method, there is no need to use an adhesive to glue either the underlay or the flooring itself down to the subfloor.

Secret Nailing

Tongue and groove and click system styles can both work for this installation method. It works by nailing through the tongue of the boards at an angle onto a wooden subfloor. Of course we advise that this is carried out by an experienced flooring professional, as it can be difficult to get the angle precise on each plank. 

When using this quick and easy nailing method, the flooring can be used straight away, as there will be need to wait for any adhesive to dry.


This method is used to provide a sturdy and robust flooring underfoot, and is one of the most popular methods when it comes to choosing a more permanent installation solution. Many opt for this method when they want a flooring option that will deliver a long-lifespan. 

It involves the application of an adhesive onto the subfloor. The adhesive is applied in small, manageable sections. Once this is done, the planks are then laid top of the adhesive, which makes sure that they are completely stable. This is one of the most common methods used for solid wood installations with planks without a click system.

Keep in mind that the installation method will very much depend on the product you have chosen and can vary between the same material products. If you would like to know more about what we offer, or you need help choosing your perfect flooring, get in touch today!

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