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6 Reasons Why A Wet Room Is A Great Bathroom Option

Bathing is an essential part of our daily lives, and this means our bathrooms are one of the most important rooms in our homes. So you’ve heard of a wet room, but are not sure whether it’s right for you and your home?

To help you make your decision we’ve compiled 6 reasons we think a wet room is a great option for your bathroom: 


A wet room is a fantastic bathroom option due to its accessibility. Increased accessibility greatly benefits a household—especially those with elderly or disabled family members. Wheelchair users can easily get in and out of a wet room without the worry of dealing with a traditional shower or bath. Simply wheel a bathing chair to where you need it to be, with no fuss. 

Added space 

If you have a rather small bathroom, then a wet room is a fantastic option to open up the space, especially if you are not partial to a bathtub. Installing a shower and wet room can transform your once small feeling bathroom, making it feel much larger than it is. In a wet room, you get the benefits of functional shower space, without the need for fixtures and fittings. 

Easy to clean 

When fitted correctly, wet rooms are better protected than any standard bathroom, as everything is completely water resistant. Also, with no need for shower screens and enclosures, this eliminates another element of cleaning needed, as these are notorious for issues with limescale, dirt and smears. 


Opting for a wet room also allows you to really be creative with the space, and take the design of your bathroom to a level where you may not have been able to reach before. They also offer your home a sleek, and contemporary look, whilst offering the impression of more space, and the feeling of luxury. Materials such as polyflor and Altro that are used for a wet room across your floor and walls help to create a cohesive look. Wall-to-ceiling coverage, with minimal fixtures and an open plan design, helps to create a seamless and effortless design. 

A wet room adds value 

Choosing to change your traditional bathroom to a wet room can make your home more attractive to buyers if it was to be put on the market. This is because a wet room reduces the chance of leaks, damage and other water-related issues that come hand in hand with a traditional bathroom. In standard bathrooms, water can bring up over time and create issues such as dampness in the walls, whereas, with a wet room, all the moisture is sealed within the walls of the room. 

Longer lasting 

Due to the reduced chance of leaks and damages that wet rooms benefit from, this also means that a correctly installed wet room often needs less maintenance, and repairs, and will look newer, for much longer. 

Bathroom wet room flooring

Wet rooms are a great option to add both style and functionality to your home. With the help of an expert fitter and industry-leading materials including Polyflor Hydro, Polyflor Quattro and Altro Aquarius, installing a wet room in your home is easy. Here at Wilmac flooring, we provide quality workmanship with a full guarantee, so contact us today and we’d be happy to help you with your bathroom transformation.

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