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make a small room look bigger

5 Ways To Make A Small Room Look Bigger

Living in a small space can certainly be challenging. You may move in with good intentions and plans to make the place look ‘cosy’, but before you know it you can end up drowning in a sea of clutter. Not only can small spaces be impractical, they can also make you stressed if you don’t manage the space effectively.

Thankfully, we’ve compiled this list of 5 ways to make a small room look bigger:


By painting the walls a light colour and using furniture in neutral tones, you can create a feeling of spaciousness. If you’re a fan of bright and bold colours, there’s no reason why you can’t include these in pieces around your home. Give your sofa a burst of colour with scatter cushions and decorate a shelf with colourful photo frames.


Choose your furniture pieces wisely and don’t include anything that you don’t really need.

Rather than using big bulky furniture, look for pieces that are raised off the floor and have thin and visible legs. This can make it seem as though you have plenty of floor space to spare.

Remember to use functional aspects of your home to your advantage. For example, a bookcase could become the centrepiece of the living room if you arrange your books neatly and avoid overcrowding.


Stripes can really help to elongate a space, particularly when placed on the floor. You could potentially achieve this effect with a striped rug, but floorboards or tiles could be more effective.

Although light and neutral colours are well known for making a room look more spacious, don’t be afraid to be bold if you wish. Black and white floorboards can create a dramatic look while making the room appear to go on forever!

make a small room look bigger


If the room is small, you may assume that using large pieces of furniture is a bad idea. However, sometimes using one large sofa can be more effective than multiple small pieces of furniture. Clutter will be minimised and the room will feel less claustrophobic.

Hanging shelves near the ceiling can draw the eye upwards and make the ceiling look taller. If you have a large collection of books this can also be a great way of displaying your favourite reads without taking over the space. You’ll still have plenty of room at ground and eye level.

Hidden Storage

Clutter is a small room’s worst enemy. So, while a few decorative pieces can help to bring personality to your home, avoid going overboard. Look for clever storage options such as hollow coffee tables or foot stools that open up.

If you’re not a fan of tidying as you go along, set 10 minutes aside each evening to put everything back in its rightful place. This can be a great way of keeping on top of things and preventing mess from accumulating over time.

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