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5 Unusual Remedies To Remove Stains From Carpets

Whether you’ve spilt an entire cup of coffee on your favourite rug or you’ve uncovered a mysterious blemish on the carpet, removing stubborn stains can be a real challenge. Thankfully, there are plenty of household antidotes to get the job done. Here are 5 unusual remedies to remove stains from carpets.


Removing coffee stains may seem impossible, but you can often solve the issue by pouring a few drops of beer on the area.

Gently rub the beer into the material using a damp sponge and the stain should gradually disappear. You may have to repeat the process a few times to fully fix the damage.

Once the original stain has gone, apply some ordinary carpet cleaner and water to the area to remove any traces of beer and give the carpet a fresh smell.

Bicarbonate soda

Mixing bicarbonate soda with salt and water can lift dark and stubborn stains such as red wine and Diet Coke.

Mix 4 tbsp of baking soda with ΒΌ cup of water and a pinch of salt before rubbing it into the surface with a clean cloth. Bicarbonate soda can also be ideal for removing rust and grease.


Applying a few drops of white vinegar to the stain and leaving it to soak for a while can remove some of the colour from the spillage. For even better results, sprinkle in a little bit of baking soda and dabbing it with a damp cloth.


Fill an empty spray bottle with one part hot water and one part ammonia before spraying it liberally on the stain in question. Next, lay a clean white towel on top of the stain and run an iron over the top of it on a low setting. The stain should transfer from the carpet to the towel and after repeating the process several times, your carpet should look pristine.

Shaving cream

If your carpet’s fallen victim to a juice stain, a bit of shaving cream could help to eliminate the unsightly mess. Simply squirt a bit of shaving cream on the problem area before blotting and patting it with a wet sponge. Shaving cream can also help to remove grease and oil stains.

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