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4 Ways To Give Your Office A Fresh New Look

The quality of your company’s output may seem like the most crucial component to business success. But on your quest to be the best in your industry, don’t overlook the importance of an attractive and inspiring workspace.

From motivating employees to do their best work to boosting your brand and impressing potential clients, your office’s appearance can really help your business stand out above the rest.

If your existing office is looking a little dated and uninspiring, you may be tempted to abandon it completely in search of a new space. However, unless you’re rapidly expanding and in need of a bigger office, there’s no need to jump ship just yet. With the help of these tips, you can update and refresh your current space and save yourself the headache of the big move.

Here are 5 ways to give your office a fresh new look.

Refresh the layout

Set aside an afternoon to move the furniture around and change the layout of your office.

Before unplugging any computers and moving the desks, grab a tape measure and draw up a plan so everyone knows what’s going where.

Since a change can be as good as a rest, switching up the layout of your office could leave the whole team feeling refreshed and ready to tackle some new challenges.

Change the flooring

The flooring in your office can have a huge impact on the overall feel of your workspace. Carpet can make the space warm and cosy while solid wood floors can create a cleaner and more sophisticated look. This certainly isn’t a quick fix but with the help of the right people, your office can easily be transformed over the space of a weekend.

Paint the walls

The colour you choose for your walls can have a huge impact on your team’s mood and productivity. It’s widely believed that light blue and green are the most productive and inspiring workspace colours but it’s important to find the right colours for your business. Yellow can evoke energy and optimism while red can help invoke emotion and passion, particularly amongst workers whose jobs require physical activity.

Alternatively, you could paint the walls to reflect your brand and company personality.

Introduce plants

Thanks to traditional working hours and the use of mobile devices, it’s not uncommon for people to spend most of their lives behind a screen. However, spending so much time hooked up to the internet can have an impact on our health, particularly when we spend so little time surrounded by nature. If you want to make your office healthy and inspiring, consider dotting plants and flowers around the office to create a more natural feel.

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