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Commercial Flooring in law farm to improve employee wellbeing

How the right flooring can increase employee productivity

Yoga classes, free food, standing desks, break out areas…businesses are constantly looking for ways to improve the productivity of their workforce and gain the competitive edge.

A key method to help boost productivity lies right at your feet, literally. That’s right, flooring choice can go a long way in allowing you to increase productivity levels across the office. And here, we’ve looked into the reasons why:

Set the tone of the space

With the right flooring, you can create an environment that staff enjoy to be in and round. By choosing flooring that is aesthetically pleasing, you have the ability to improve employee wellbeing and therefore improve productivity.

Research actually shows that selecting blue flooring creates a feeling of calm and green flooring helps facilitate creativity and innovation, all of which are intrinsically linked to productivity.

Choose a flooring option that comes in an array of colours and designs, to keep the space looking fresh and create an enjoyable area to work in.

Control noise levels

It’s no secret that noise has the ability to impact productivity. If you work in a particularly noisy environment, with constant sounds including footsteps, moving chairs, and creaking – these can be incredibly distracting. And can be detrimental to employee wellness – leading to increased absence and staff turnover.

So choosing the right flooring to prevent excess noise can be a real winner when it comes to keeping everyone focused with the task at hand.

Carpet tiles are a good choice here as they help absorb noise caused by things throughout the working day.


As well as noise, the temperature of your premises is vital to productivity. After all, who can get any work done when it feels like -3 in the office?

By choosing a flooring type that can regulate temperature when it’s hot and cold can go a long way in helping keep productivity levels high.

Something like carpet tiles are a great choice here. Acting as excellent insulators, they help keep the warm in chilly spaces, and keep out the heat when the temperature increases.

Varied working

Nowadays, it isn’t uncommon for people to work at standing desks and walk to other sides of the office to get their work done. With this in mind, providing a flooring option that is safe and comfortable to walk and stand on is imperative. Otherwise, you could find employees complain about discomfort or even injury – which of course puts a dent in productivity levels.

If you’re keen to hear more about the flooring options above for your workplace, please get in touch today!

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